Frame extends Action, ParameterEdgesSource, Scope

A block of content that may be accessed and rendered independently by a web browser, often as a single web page.

An IAML model instance may contain any number of Frames. The onInit Event for an InternetApplication is triggered every time the Frame is rendered to a client.

The storage semantics for a Frame follow the storage semantics for its containing scope. For example, if the Frame is directly contained by a Session, then the storage semantics of the parent Session will be used; likewise, if the Frame is directly contained by an InternetApplication, then the storage semantics of the parent InternetApplication will be used.

A Frame may contain any number of VisibleThings, and this set of elements defines the user interface for that Frame. All VisibleThings may be rendered to a user. When a VisibleThing is rendered to a user, all children VisibleThings must also be rendered in order according to their renderOrder. A VisibleThing that is currently hidden must not be rendered until that VisibleThing is subsequently shown through the show Operation. The name property of the VisibleThing may be used as a label for the rendered element.



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