ActivityOperation extends BuiltinOperation, ContainsFunctions, ContainsOperations, ContainsValues, ContainsWires, GeneratesElements

A user-defined Operation consisting of ActivityNode connected by ExecutionEdges and DataFlowEdges.

An ActivityOperation may be defined through the composition of a number of ActivityNodes, connected by ExecutionEdges and DataFlowEdges. ExecutionEdges represent the execution flow of the particular operation, and DataFlowEdges represent the flow of data within the particular operation.

Each DecisionNode and OperationCallNode defines a set of failure edges and success edges. For each node, all outgoing ExecutionEdges with a name beginning with the characters n or f represent the failure edges. All other ExecutionEdges from each node, including those with no name, represent the success edges.

A ActivityOperation must contain exactly one StartNode, which must have at least one outgoing ExecutionEdge. When the ActivityOperation is executed, the execution flow will begin from this StartNode, and will follow each outgoing ExecutionEdge sequentially.



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