AutocompleteWire extends Wire

An AutocompleteWire specifies that a target VisibleThing should support data entry through autocompletion from the source DomainIterator, as specified by a matching DomainAttribute.

An AutocompleteWire is a unidirectional Wire, that connects a DomainIterator to a VisibleThing (the target element). An AutocompleteWire has an additional reference, match, which references a DomainAttribute from which to search by. The connected DomainType for that iterator must have a DomainAttribute matching the name of the target element, as this will be the value used for a successful autocomplete interaction.

IAML does not specify whether the search should be performed on the client or the server. For small data sets, the database could be prefetched and cached by the client, in order to perform quick searches; for larger data sets, the database should remain on the server, and the search performed asynchronously.



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