Arithmetic extends ActivityNode, DataFlowEdgeDestination, DataFlowEdgesSource

An inline expression of arithmetic, operating upon all incoming DataFlowEdge values.

An Arithmetic must have at least one incoming DataFlowEdge, representing the source values. When a DataFlowEdge sourced from a Arithmetic is evaluated, the value provided represents the arithmetic combination of the source values according to the operationType of the Arithmetic.

Four operationTypes are defined for Arithmetic: AND, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY and DIVIDE; each of these operations correspond to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, respectively. For DIVIDE arithmetic, the divisor used in the arithmetic is the first incoming DataFlowEdge with the name "divisor". If the divisor used in a DIVIDE arithmetic is equal to zero, the value of the subsequent Arithmetic node will not be numeric ("not-a-number", or NaN).

This model element may be removed from the IAML metamodel in the futureissue 220 , as these arithmetic operations can be replaced with XQueryFunctions.



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